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Jayce is a published author, social entrepreneur, influencer, and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Executive Director of the nationally recognized Kiss & Tell Networks, he has an organic desire to bring a conscious conversation to the community through live events, media, and digital platforms. He is a contributing blogger for several publications including HIV Equal and Message Magazine and has been the face of campaigns with the CDC, Hornet, and Into More.

In 2016, Jayce was invited to The Capital to continue to bring awareness to sexual assault, specifically with men, and was part of passing bill SB816 with Assemblyman Mike Gipson and Attorney Gloria Allred revoking the statute of limitation on rape in the state of California. Since then, huge national movements such as #MeToo, the Bill Cosby case, and several unresolved rape cases have made their way to court. In 2018, Jayce accepted an Advisory Board position with Yale University's Psychology Department on a new study focuses on men dealing with sexual trauma.

Jayce Baron's first novel "Absolutely Me" is rated five stars on Amazon.com. He is currently working on his second book set to debut 2020.